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The INdRA Institute
A bio-recharge think tank.
Alexandria, VA, US
Director: Garee Henderson, Ph.D.

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Within the next 6 generations mankind can take more control of weather.  Natural water and deep groundwater cycles will be robust and sufficient to support large populations of humans, livestock and natural animal groups. 

Image result for african american mayors associationMillions of people worldwide will be able to depend on rain and wells for all of their water needs.  Girls around the developing world will find more time for school and personal development, as the burden of carrying water steadily lifts.

We are dedicated to public education of Eco-hydrological  phenomena, the relationship between evolved water cycles and biological ecosystems,  to foster the widespread application of bio-recharge techniques and practices.

We will provide support for legislative action and NGO advocacy of the management of water cycles to optimize the fecundity and sustainability of regional ecosystems.

Our role is to make research and analysis of eco-hydrological phenomena accessible to the public, as well as to foster the implementation of corrective and stabilizing regional bio-recharge projects.