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The INdRA Institute
A bio-recharge think tank.
Alexandria, VA, US
Director: Garee Henderson, Ph.D.

geo-engineering experts since 2002, Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention ,  Solar radiation management, geoengineers, Marine Cloud Brightening,  ocean acidification,  stratospheric sulfate aerosols,  Carbon dioxide removal, Greenhouse gas remediation and Carbon sequestration, climate change,  runaway global warming,  Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum, UNFCCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Arctic geoengineering, Carbon negative fuel, Convention on Biological Diversity, Earth systems engineering and management,

Scholarly Papers:

Bio-recharge: The REvolution Begins  
:Conservation is critical, but deadly.

The Gare hypothesis : Cities are desertifying surrounding regions.

Open letter to legislators


The fuel-less future

eta-energetics: The argument for M🔄

(Ku3) The science of imagination

The Industrialization of evaporation

Wikipedia article in progress:
Geo-Engineering: Ground based cloud formation

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Presentation Services:    
  Webinars :
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Topic(s) Depth
Municipal water cycle  overview
Agricultural water cycles overview
Suburban water cycle overview
Bio-Recharge Fundamental techniques advanced
Bio-Recharge - Advance techniques advanced
Water cycle : Anecdotal analysis anecdotal
Water cycle : San Francisco, CA anecdotal
Water cycle : Tokyo, Japan anecdotal
Water cycle : Nairobi, Kenya anecdotal
Water cycle : Delhi, India anecdotal

  On-site presentations:
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Length (days) Topic(s)
1 Bio-recharge overview
1 Municipal water cycles
2 Water cycle primer & bio-recharge overview
4 Bio-recharge: technical overview

Research Services:    
Analysis & Reporting:
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Coverage Focus
Analysis : Local water cycle current
Analysis : Regional water cycle current
Analysis : Synoptic water cycle historical/current
Analysis : Continental water cycle historical/current
Analysis : Watershed water cycle current/forecast
On-line courses:    

ICIBR001: Introduction to bio-recharge as a cultural concept.

10 weeks :


email based, with assignments and certificate


ICIBRT001: Introduction to bio-recharge techniques.

15 weeks :


email based, with assignments and certificate


ICIGE001: Introduction to gravitational energy

15 weeks :


email based, with assignments and certificate


ICIFLS001: Introduction to fuel-less society

6 weeks :


email based, with assignments and certificate