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Traffic employed PEC's (Pressure Energy Converters) performance varies  according to the medium, fluid or gas, and the speed of vehicle traffic.  The temperature of the medium is also an  important factor, where temperatures affect the viscosity of fluids or gases.   Other factors that may influence the viscosity of fluids [or gas] are contaminants and atmospheric pressure.

All PEC are constrained by the reset speed.  The reset speed is the interval between compression by a vehicle, and the automatic de-compression of the PEC engineered into its design.  While the reset interval is never zero, the size of the reset interval, given a particular fluid viscosity & head, is dependent on the design of the PEC.  The unit can be designed with more or less input or output potential versus the capacity of the unit.  GSE embedded units have the greatest flexibility in terms of input output potentials.  Consequently you see that the embedded PEC have a steeper rise  in performance with increased vehicle speed.

The head of either the source or the target of the PEC can also  effect performance.  The source head is generally created by the weight of a fluid or gas column that must be moved by the units decompression action.  While the target head can be either the compression  ratio of a gas or the energy required to elevate a fluid.

PEC can be designed with decompression activators of various strength.  Embedded units can be engineered with decompression units of a magnitude greater than surface mounted units, due to the additional available space for decompression mechanisms.

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