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Gravitational Systems Engineering specializes in the development of environmental energy harvesting and conversion methods.  GSE methods are based upon R&D from Gravitational Systems, Inc., (GS, Inc.). which was a
Gare Henderson New York research laboratory established in 1998.  The primary research goals of GS, Inc. were based upon the patent designs of Garee Henderson, Ph.D., an internationally acclaimed computer intelligence scientist/philosopher.

Gravitational Systems, was purchased by Alacrity Services, Inc. in 2009, and renamed Gravitational Systems Engineering.

GSE, established 2009, is based in the Fairfax Station area of Northern Virginia, in the USA.  From our 10,000 sq. ft. facility GSE manufactures custom order green energy pumps and compressors.

GSE products are designed and manufactured  to ISO-9000  quality control and all US federal highway safety standards. 

GSE manufactured, and contractor manufactured products are guaranteed for 90 days from delivery.   Our management team is composed of seasoned engineering and logistics experts who will ensure smooth quote responses and reliable supplies.

Press Release September 2010 : R-SBP100

Overview of GSE Product Lines:

GSE, Gravitational Systems Engineering, designers and manufacturer of distributed , decentralized clean green technology industrial, military, and municipal grade devices. GSE green energy systems, primarily alternative energy pumps, compressors and safety deceleration systems [speed sponges], operate with little or no conventional fuel while increasing the efficiency of conventional fuel usage by up to 100%. GSE is the originator of many environmental energy designs, with patents and developmental generations of pumps, compressors and energy redirection appliances since 1998.

GSE specializes in decentralized environmental energy sources including; static gravity, direct gravitational phenomena (i.e. katabatic wind, hydrostatics, etc.)., and relative sources such as actively moving masses (i.e. fluid flows, vehicles, animals, pedestrians, etc.).

GSE R-series, or relative gravity energy, systems leverage energy expended by animated masses. Animated masses are considered as entropic sources typically absorbed, in the environment, as heat, or roadway compression (as stress or wear). The concept of gravity, or potential energy as a power source seems revolutionary, but it is already the source of roughly 20% of industrial scale energy production, as hydro-electrics, and related systems. GSE technologies are a new application of DSE (dynamic state energy) systems, which include wind, solar, and hydroelectric.

An indication of the energy potentials is that roadway compression, a primary rationale for truck limits worldwide, are necessary because each heavy truck expends tremendous energy directly into the roadway and underlying support structures. Studies show that a car traveling at 45 mph, dissipates 15-20 watts of energy into the roadway each second. While a large truck dissipates between 150-250 watts of energy into the roadway at the same speed.

GSE R-series systems are engineered for pedestrians, livestock, motor traffic, trains, aircraft transitions, and ships, convert roadway compression [stress/waste heat] into directed pressure or fluid compression.

GSE PEC [Pressure to Energy Conversion] technology is generally classed as an energy efficiency* or co-generation method, similar to a thermoelectric generator, (converting road stress to fluid movement) This view is based upon a view that the kinetic energy of targeted masses is the true source of energy .

GSE speed sponges are based upon kinetic energy redirection. GSE R-series system derive 95+% of their energy from the potential energy of a dynamic mass.

Dynamic masses compress/release roadway material causing energy to flow into the roadway, and dissipate across the entire horizontal expanse, and vertically into the supporting structures, (bridge, subsoil, etc.). It is the horizontal dissipation which is largely responsible for road wear, and the effects of vertical dissipation are evident as bridge stress.
R-series water pumps generate high potential volumes and are readily applied to irrigation, livestock watering, seepage control, water pressurization, kinetic water storage, municipal air compression, and general fluid movement applications. The harvest of animated energy sources is optimized for a wide range of predictable traffic flows, from cattle to fighter jets.

GSE S-series, or static gravity energy, systems concentrate static gravity (planetary gravity) into mass or energy. Static gravity is harvested from water column pressure and flotation. Our S-series systems include robotic fluid barriers, deep and surface water generators and static hydro-electric systems.

Our goal is to provide decentralized clean green energy for municipal and industrial applications, from un-tapped environmental energy sources. GSE can provide cost competitive environmental energy powered designs for many conventional applications. 

GSE delivers municipal or industrial scale fluid cooling, fluid elevation or motivation, gas compression, roadway de-icing, and desalination at total costs 20-50% below traditional methods or other decentralized DSE technologies.

 In our products listing we feature a representative selection of pre-engineered designs. We will work directly with your engineers to provide new solutions to traditional and evolving applications.
Thank you for your interest in Gravitational Systems Engineering, and please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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