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Traffic reciprocated positive displacement pumps. [TRPD]

GSE surface mounted R-series unitR-series vehicle systems are available in either surface mounted or embedded models.   Surface mounted units have a high friction base, which allows them to be use  for emergency or short  term applications without staking.   Long-term or semi-permanent installations require 6" staking, using pre-engineered stake points and stakes supplied with the units. 

Surface mounted units are also available for retail stocking, minimum orders apply but units can be mixed to satisfy minimums.   Various retail stock packages are listed in the prices section.

Surface mounted units are green and appear to drivers as wide surface mounted speed control devices.  The units are almost completely compressible, so drivers will experience the GSE units like expansion joints, which do not reflect energy back to the vehicle.

GSE embedded unitGSE embedded units are green, and are designed for permanent and semi-permanent installations. Drivers will experience GSE embedded units as normal roadway features, and no significant impacts, with the exception of a distinctive clicking sound. 

Trenching and distribution piping are required.  Several retail embedded units are featured in this section, however for most applications please use the engineering request form to specify  loads, materials and applications.

 GSE R-series pumps and compressors are engineered for a wide variety of applications. GSE devices can be important components of a utility demand side management program, or a NERC CIP-009 Recovery Plans for Critical Cyber Assets program.

Pump models: (max viscosity : 500: max TDH 100 ft)

  • Clean water pumping : 0-50 C

  • De-watering

  • Light trash/sewage pumping: .2 in max particle diameter

  • Fluid pressure generation

  • Fluid elevation

Diagram and internals of embedded unit

Compressors: (max viscosity: 24 )

  • Pipeline transport

  • Refrigeration

  • Pneumatic supply

  • Vacuum supply

The R-series includes pre-fabricated and  modular models which allow systems to be linked to cover roadways of any width.   The higher series models are also designed to work with a wide variety of both road and weather conditions.

R-series systems, compared to a 100 Hp diesel engine, will save approximately 5-8 gallons of fuel per hour. The energy requirements, for water pumping or air compression, are harvested from the passing traffic, rather than expensive diesel fuels.  The minimization of pump or compressor fuel saves costs, as well as making the work site more efficient, safer, and more independent of central supplies. While the traffic calming introduction of speed bumps will reduce worker and motorist incidents. The R-series can also significantly reduce overall operations costs by controlling traffic speeds, reducing site protection delays and costs.

R-Series : Pumps

The water pumping designs can pump from 1/2 to 2 [average] gallons of water for each vehicle that passes over the device. 

R-series pumps are based upon a large diameter positive displacement design.  They have excellent suction and discharge characteristics, depending on the flow of traffic, discharge pressures can exceed 300 bar. They can easily handle highly viscous liquids, sludges and slurries with high levels of grit or solid content.  R-series pumps have great dry running characterizes, are low shear, and are highly efficient.

Net present comparative costs of 6 energy systems for irrigation

Energy Source

1 ha


5 ha


20 ha


PV pumping




R-Series :Inertial 3,000 5,000 7,000

Grid Electricity




Grid Electricity (3km extension)








Gasoline / petrol




Source: Whiffen, et al., 1992

R-series devices are constructed of recycled automobile tires, silicone, or EPDM rubber, are inert under normal operating temperatures (-20 - 40 C).  No waste or secondary products , such as exhaust fumes or fuels, are generated or required.  These units are safe to operate around people, livestock and sensitive processes or equipment.

Water sources can range from clean water to light sewage (.15 ").  Maximum horizontal heads up to 100 yards.  Horizontal heads depend a wide variety of factors(i.e. grade, temperature, source contaminants, etc.) . Vertical heads range from 15 -25 ft/

Closed Road

R-Series: Compressors/Vacuums


GSE air compression systems can maintain high PSI in a compressed air storage tank, at rates equivalent to the continuous operation of a 60 Hp conventional air compressor.  These units are ideal for industrial or commercial compressed air generation when deployed on busy parking lots.

Single stage diaphragm compressors.  Higher end units can supply sufficient compressed air supply for most commonly used road construction (120 CFM) air tools such as jack-hammers.  The compression units can also be employed to feed underground storage facilities when permanently emplaced.

Each unit features two directional connections, intake & outflow.  According to application, the devices can be combined with appropriate intakes, such as pollution sponges, and to useful outflows, such as compression tanks, or atomizers.

  • * (Stirling engine electric generator option available)
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